Here some of the frequently ask questions.

  • Can I install it on any type of windows?
    Wood, Aluminium, Steel and PVC Windows, are all the windows that we can install the clear bars too.
  • How are the polycarbonate burglar bars fixed to the windows?
    Burglar bars are mounted to your window frames, unless you have sliding windows we the use aluminium square tubbins the same colour as your frames for support.
  • How do you go about getting a quote?
    If you already have your window sizes you can mail them to us for a quote, or we will come to your house and take all the window measurements for you
  • How long from accepting the quote to installation?
    Normally 2-3 days before installation.
  • Can you get cut the bars?
    Yes you can cut the bars but so can any burglar bar that you install. The burglar bars are only a deterrent and are never 100% intruder proof.
  • Can your burn the burglar bars?
    The bars need a tremendous amount of heat to be burnt and polycarbonate is flame retardant and it extinguishes itself as it is being burnt. So yes it can be burnt with a very high heat but it will be time consuming.
  • What guarantee do you give?
    Burglar bars are guaranteed not to fade or discolour in direct sunlight for 10 years as they have a UV protective film on both sides. We also offer one year workmanship guarantee.
  • How do you keep the burglar bars clean?
    Use soapy water and a soft micro fibre cloth, no strong chemicals or ammonia based cleaning chemicals as they damage the UV film on the burglar bars making them discolour.
  • Do insurance companies accept clear burglar bars?
    Yes, always check with your insurance company before installation as their policies do differ.
  • Are the polycarbonate burglar bars expensive?
    The polycarbonate bars are more cost effective than the traditional metal burglar bars and the turnaround time from quote to installation is by far the fastest.
  • Any maintenance on the burglar bars?
    No maintenance, bars will never rust or need painting.
  • What is the difference between "crystal bars", "clear view bars" and "transparent bars"?.
    Nothing: Crystal Bars is just the name of our company and wat we like to refer to our product. Other company just name their product crystal bars due to the popularity of our company brand.
  • How long will it take to install the transparent burglar bars?
    Absolutely no longer than one working day. For the average home sizes, it may take 1 to 3 hours to install your transparent burglar bars.

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