Transparent Burglar Bars

The strongest transparent burglar bars

Polycarbonate is the material that our clear burglar bars are made of , it is the strongest thermoplastic in the world. The material is virtually unbreakable and withstand a tremendous amount of force. They are flexible and have a tensile breaking strength of 3000kg. It will be impossible to break the clear transparent burglar bars with a rock, hammer or shifting spanner. The Crystal Burglar Bars are fitted to all window types , wood , aluminium , steel , pvc and the window handles and hinges are accommodated so that you still have a smooth opening and closing window. It is great for estates and housing complexes where they have strict rules for burglar bar styles.

Crystal Bars : For our clear burglar bars we use A- grade polycarbonate that is imported from Europe. The transparent burglar bar is 6mm in thickness and 35mm in width. The bars are bevelled on both sides so that there are no sharp edges that could cut you when opening the windows. They are UV coated on both sides to prevent them from discolouring in the direct sun. The burglar bars are totally transparent so you will have an unobstructed view and have the most stylish clear burglar bars that will never rust and will never require any maintenance. Unfortunately with all security systems none of them are 100% intruder proof. Burglar bars are only a deterrent and should keep out your intruder until your security company or police arrive at your house.